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The Court of Criminal Appeals courtroom is located on the 3rd floor.

Our mailing address is:

Court of Criminal Appeals
Oklahoma Judicial Center
2100 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 2
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-4907
Phone: 405-556-9606 or 405-556-9627
Fax: 405-556-9130

Telephone numbers and email addresses of the Judges, Staff Attorneys, and Employees of the Court of Criminal Appeals


Presiding Judge Gary L. Lumpkin 556-9642 Send email
Vice-Presiding Judge David B. Lewis 556-9611 Send email
Judge Robert L. Hudson 556-9649 Send email
Judge Dana Kuehn 556-9643 Send email
Judge Scott Rowland 556-9640 Send email

Judge Gary Lumpkin's Staff

Carla Odom, Administrative Assistant                       556-9603 Send email
Brant Elmore, J.D. 556-9608 Send email
Caroline Mitchell, J.D. 556-9621 Send email

Judge David Lewis's Staff

Patty Frakes, Administrative Assistant                          556-9611 Send email
Lendell Blosser, J.D. 556-9602 Send email
Bryan Dupler, J.D. 556-9607 Send email

Judge Robert Hudson's Staff

Molly Reid, Administrative Assistant                           556-9623 Send email
Seth Branham, J.D. 556-9617 Send email
Lee Cohlmia, J.D. 556-9628 Send email

Judge Dana Kuehn's Staff

Elizabeth Bridgers, Administrative Assistant                 556-9629 Send email
Lou Ann Kohlman, J.D. 556-9616 Send email
Allen Smith, J.D. 556-9624 Send email

Judge Scott Rowland's Staff

Kim Donaldson, Administrative Assistant                         556-9609 Send email
Patty Grotta, J.D. 556-9622 Send email
Melanie Stucky, J.D. 556-9626 Send email

Orders Division

David Bugg, J.D. 556-9604 Send email
Jake Burks, J.D. 556-9619 Send email
Pete Gelvin, J.D. 556-9610 Send email
Gaylene Henley, J.D. 556-9613 Send email
Suzanne Heggy, J.D. 556-9612 Send email

Court Staff

Donna Way, Communications Administrator 556-9627 Send email
Tina Percival, Marshal of the Court 556-9606 Send email

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