OCCAOnline Rules of the Court of Criminal Appeals

(Updated 5/21/2003 in accordance with 2003 OK CR 9)

Rule 7.3 Time for Perfecting Appeal; Extension Request; Record of Proceedings

A. Perfecting an Appeal. In order to perfect an appeal from any juvenile or youthful offender proceeding, the petition in error, certified copy of original record, transcript of proceedings and brief shall be filed with the Clerk of this Court within sixty (60) days from the date the trial court enters a final order adjudicating a juvenile as delinquent, or certifying or denying certification of a juvenile to stand trial as an adult, or sentencing under the provisions of the Youthful Offender Act.

B. Extensions. See Rule 3.2(C); however, insofar as these proceedings are sui generis and time is of the essence, the court reporter shall be required by the District Court to expedite the record of the proceedings being appealed.

C. Preparation of Record and Transcripts. To ensure the appeal is perfected within sixty (60) days, the record and transcripts shall be completed and filed with the District Court clerk, and immediately transmitted to the Clerk of the Court of Criminal Appeals and appellate counsel within forty (40) days of the entry of the trial court's order. If the record is not complete within forty (40) days of the trial court?s order, a Notice of Non-Completion of Record shall be sent to the Clerk of the Court of Criminal Appeals, explaining the cause for the delay. A show cause hearing in this Court may be scheduled.

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