OCCAOnline Rules of the Court of Criminal Appeals

Rule 3.8 Assignment for Oral Argument; Notice

All cases shall be submitted for decision without oral argument upon the order of the Presiding Judge; PROVIDED HOWEVER, that oral argument shall be set in all capital cases. Oral argument shall not be granted in any other case except on application of either party, filed at the time the brief is filed, except for those cases assigned to the Accelerated Docket in accordance with Section XI. The request for oral argument will be approved or denied by the Presiding Judge, or a judge acting in his absence; PROVIDED HOWEVER, that the case may be set for a hearing by an order of this Court if, in the opinion of the judges, oral argument is beneficial or necessary for a determination of the issues presented. Notice will be given to all interested parties by an order setting the time, date and place for oral argument or by any other form of communication as the Court deems proper. Oral arguments may be heard by a majority of this Court or any number of the judges thereof.

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