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Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instructions
Criminal 2nd Edition (
including 1997, 2000, 2003, and 2005 thru 2018 supplements )
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9-1 Inferences
9-2 Direct Evidence Defined
9-3 Circumstantial Evidence Defined
9-4 Direct and Circumstantial Evidence - Weight
9-5 Circumstantial Evidence
9-6 Separate Consideration for Each Defendant
9-6A Separate Consideration for Each Charge
9-7 Separate Defendants
9-8 Flight
9-9 Proof of Other Crimes
9-10 Evidence of Defendant's Character
9-10A Evidence of Defendant's Prior Sex Crimes
9-11 Evidence of Deceased's Character
9-12 Voluntary Statement by Defendant
9-13 Necessity for Corroboration of Confessions
9-14 Necessity for Corroboration in Homicide Case
9-15 Exculpatory Statement of Fact
9-16 Use of Confession or Admission with Multiple Defendants
9-17 Statements and Acts of Coconspirators
9-18 Dying Declarations
9-19 Eyewitness Identifications
9-20 Impeachment by Prior Inconsistent Statements
9-21 Impeachment by Prior Bad Acts
9-22 Impeachment of Witness by Former Conviction
9-23 Impeachment of Defendant by Former Conviction
9-24 Right of Attorney to Interview Witnesses
9-25 Use of Accomplice Testimony
9-26 Accomplice Defined
9-27 Corroborating Evidence Defined
9-28 Corroborating Evidence Needed for Accomplice Testimony
9-29 Determination of Accomplice Status by Jury
9-30 Corroboration Necessity/Court Determines Witness Accomplice
9-31 When Corroboration by Accomplice Insufficient
9-32 Determining When Corroboration by Accomplice Is Sufficient
9-33 Use of Coconspirator Testimony
9-34 Coconspirator Defined
9-35 Corroborative Evidence Needed for Conspirator Testimony
9-36 Determination of Coconspirator Status by Jury
9-37 Corroboration Necessity/Court Determines Conspirator Status
9-38 When Corroboration by Coconspirator Is Insufficient
9-39 Determining When Corroboration by Coconspirator Is Sufficient
9-40 Corroboration of Testimony in Rape Prosecution
9-41 Credibility of Defendant as a Witness
9-42 Credibility of Opinion Witnesses
9-42A Use of Information Relied Upon by Opinion Witnesses
9-43 Credibility of Informers
9-43A Jailhouse Informant Testimony
9-44 Defendant's Right Not to Testify
9-45 Victim Impact Evidence - Capital Cases
9-46 Reenactment Evidence
9-47 Evidence - Refusal to Take Blood Alcohol Test

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